A selection of our Case Studies

Parrolabs in its near decade long experience has been working with a lot of clients as its nearshore partner. Herewith a selection of our main Case Studies.

Our Journey from Small Web Development Startup to Nearshore Powerhouse

Parrolabs went from a humble Web Development Startup to Nearshore Powerhouse in the near decade that the company has been in existance. Throughout the years there have been a host of engagements that we have worked on. Starting in Web Development and working ourselves into years long engagements where we deliver Software Development Teams.

Case study success stories

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NearShoring outsourcing has gained significant traction over the last couple of years. Where Early outsourcing Pioneers were looking For the most optimal price, cultural differences, Time Zone Differences, and Lack Of Infrastructure Gave Outsourcing a Bad Reputation. Hence Nearshore Outsourcing has gained Traction as The Ideal Balance Between Cost Optimization and Efficiency. Parrolabs Specializes in Staff Augmentation Of Teams of Developers, Designers, and Marketing Staff in the near-shoring field to Optimize your costs and Processes.

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We are the nearshore tech provider that can be found throughout the Americas

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My name is Diego Vanegas and I lead the Tech Division at Parrolabs. I can imagine you are full of questions and wondering if Nearshoring is for you. I am ready to provide you with the answers.
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