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The 4 Building Blocks of Parrolabs Outsourcing

Parrolabs is a nearshore partner that understands the difficulties North American businesses face in today’s current market for attracting and retaining talented tech or creative resources. Yet outsourcing faces significant challenges from a cultural and timezone perspective. Parrolabs partners with its customers to create effective near-shoring teams comprising of tech and creative talent. This all from (nearly) the same timezone as our clients.

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As a client of Parrolabs, I’ve consistently experienced outstanding service and top-notch talent. Their developers aren’t just skilled; they bring a level of dedication and innovation that genuinely elevates our projects. Parrolabs doesn’t just deliver on promises – they exceed expectations.

Dennis Langlais

Kin Insurance - Tech Manager

“Working with Parrolabs has been a game-changer for my agencies. Their designers and marketing staff blend creativity with efficiency. The talent at Parrolabs goes beyond skill; they bring a unique energy that enhances every project. It’s not just about fulfilling requirements; it’s about partnering with a team that truly gets your vision and amplifies it.”

Pete Mertz

Misfit - Agency Owner

Parrolabs delivers valuable development services and collaborates with internal resources to execute effective solutions to platform challenges. The team provides notable expertise, which supports a productive partnership. Their responsiveness and dedication lead to an ongoing partnership.

Lee Allen

Maryville - Tennessee

Our Proud References

Parrolabs its origins can be best described as a typical basement startup focussed on remote Web Development. Since then, it has grown to be a full-service nearshore digital agency providing a range of services including web development, mobile development, social media management and High Volume Creative Services. These are some of our proudest achievements...


Robert Bertens, drives the way we saw recruitment in Latin America.

Telemundo Atlanta

Explore a compelling story of digital transformation success in a rapidly evolving media landscape.


Digital Renovation at SeaWorld: A Success Story with Parrolabs.

Kin Insurance

Parrolabs played a pivotal role in sourcing the most suitable engineers for Kin Insurance's team.

DW Drums

DevOps and SCRUM boosted website performance. DevOps and SCRUM boosted website performance.


Handy and ParroLabs | Pioneering Home Service Solutions Through Technology

Nearshoring is Outsourcing at Its Best

Coupled with cultural synergies and economic sensibilities, nearshore outsourcing is fast emerging as the major trend. It represents the most modern alternative approach to conventional outsourcing initiatives. What started as an option to potentially slash costs to more than half became burdened by cultural difference and time zone problems. Infrastructure differences too became another reason that sometimes resulted in it failing to deliver the expected advantages.

Today's nearshore model couples the best of two worlds: it's a fusion between cost savings and improved operational performance. This means we push and support firm and cohesive teamwork structures. Thus, ideally, we target cost-cutting while having the combination of developers, designers, and marketing strategists yet ably giving quality services. We have simultaneous service excellence provisions that can cater to the ideal way of the combined offering of saving ways to optimize resources and at the same time provide conducive collaboration. Ultimately, our aim is to facilitate your access to a dedicated, nearshoring team that excels.

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Diego Vanegas - Parrolabs Tech Manager

Why Choose Parrolabs?

How does Parrolabs meet the specific needs of startups and medium-sized businesses?

Parrolabs specializes in custom nearshoring solutions tailored for the unique challenges of startups and medium-sized businesses. Our approach combines flexibility, quick responsiveness, and an in-depth understanding of their dynamic needs. We provide personalized services that support both immediate project requirements and long-term growth, making us an ideal partner for businesses in this evolving sector.

How does Parrolabs ensure quality and efficiency in its services?

With years of industry experience, Parrolabs has refined its processes to deliver high-quality outcomes. Our team comprises only the most skilled professionals in software engineering, design, and marketing, ensuring that every project meets our stringent standards for excellence and efficiency.

What is the cost advantage of partnering with Parrolabs for nearshoring?

Parrolabs offers competitive pricing that provides a cost advantage over larger firms without compromising on the quality of talent. Our clients enjoy access to a diverse pool of Latin American professionals, ensuring that they receive the best value for their investment in nearshoring services.

What makes Parrolabs different from other nearshoring firms?

Parrolabs is in the middle segment. Meaning we are ideal for medium sized corporations and startups. Bigger Nearshoring firms have the edge as they are able to scale faster, but pricing is in a different category. Parrolabs is ideal for the middle segment clients $5-$500M USD in revenues as well as startups that have not reached that treshold yet, but want to scale their engineering teams quickly.

Our unique proposition lies in our comprehensive talent pool—not only do we provide top-tier software engineering staff, but we also deliver exceptional nearshore design and marketing expertise, a combination which makes us stand out. With years of experience and a track record of refining our processes, Parrolabs is the go-to choice for companies looking to rapidly scale their engineering, design, and marketing capabilities efficiently and effectively.

Why has Nearshoring Engineers gotten so popular?

Nearshoring has gained traction due to rising costs in the USA as well as the general unpopularity of Outsourcing to vast distance countries. An Alternative to Near-shoring is the H1B program, but that opens up employers to a whole lot of legal issues. So Nearshoring particularly to Mexico and Latin America has gained traction in the last few years.

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Gustavo Arias - Design Leader

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