Nearshoring is Outsourcing at Its Best

NearShoring outsourcing has gained significant traction over the last couple of years. Where Early outsourcing Pioneers were looking For the most optimal price, cultural differences, Time Zone Differences, and Lack Of Infrastructure Gave Outsourcing a Bad Reputation. Hence Nearshore Outsourcing has gained Traction as The Ideal Balance Between Cost Optimization and Efficiency. Parrolabs Specializes in Staff Augmentation Of Teams of Developers, Designers, and Marketing Staff in the near-shoring field to Optimize your costs and Processes.

How Parrolabs Empowered Handy Blitz's Engineering Team

They provided skilled developers, a QA specialist, and a Project Manager to help Handy Blitz upgrade their app and debug it. Their staff augmentation services were instrumental in meeting Handy's targets, leading to their successful acquisition. Highly recommend Parrolabs for their professional expertise.


Seaworld Banner Campaign

ParroLabs delivered exceptional results for our Seaworld Banner Campaign, exceeding our expectations with timely delivery and high-quality creative materials. We continue to trust and highly recommend their services.

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Nearshore Outsourcing the Parrolabs Way

Parrolabs offers cost-effective nearshore teams in three areas. Designers, Developers and Marketing Staff. Our roots lie within software development and over the years we expanded to deliver Latin American Designers and offer Latin American Marketing Staff due to client demand.

What makes Parrolabs unique is that we can help you with Product Development, but are able to help you scale your Marketing Team as well.

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