Our Colombian team of Web and Mobile Developers and Designers will wake up and energise your next project, just like a good cup of Colombian coffee.

Our story

We are Parrolabs, a team of skilled developers and designers ready to wake up your next project.

We are hard working, flexible and good at what we do - we strive for perfection in every task.

We know how difficult it is to have a team that covers all the bases - including development, design, SEO, marketing, etc. If your in-house team can’t deliver, due to time or skill constraints, let us jump in, fill the gaps and help you achieve more.

Working with Us

Why work with a Colombian Team?

Many large corporations have opened technology offices in Colombia, including HP, SAP, Coca Cola. You can also get great colombian developers and designers working for you in the same time zone, for a very competitive price. Parrolabs delivers quality developers and quality designers working from our Colombian Office.

From Pablo Escobar to Technology Hub

The technological progress in Medellin in the last few decades has been astounding. In the beginning, it helped to solve some of the major city wide problems and created the trolleys, cable railways and elevated subway. Colombian society has figured out that technology is a powerful way to make things happen and achieve economic, social and urban growth.

The advantages of Working with Parrolabs!

  • We work from the Same Time Zone - We are fresh...when you are!
  • We integrate with your current Tech Team
  • We useModern Communication Tools including Slack, Skype and VOIP
  • We work in a Modern Attractive Business Environment.
  • We work within an Economic and Political Stable Environment
  • Highly skilled & Collaborative Team

How we can work with you

A Helping Hand

You may be going through a busy season and you just don’t have the resources to handle a project. With the Parrolabs Overflow model we can be your backup team, so that you can get everything done.

You can choose whether you want us to communicate with the client directly - and how much of the project you want us to take on. If you want - we can take over the entire project from the initial meeting to the go-live aftercare.

Don’t let a project stress you out - we can handle it!

A Specific Skill

Unless you are one of the largest agencies, the chances are that sometimes you find yourself taking on projects that require skills that are not core to your team. In this situation, our designers and developers can fill in the gap with the skills you don’t have with Parrolabs Skill-Enhance.

We can offer a wide range of skills, including hybrid mobile platforms like Ionic and React Native as well as Design, Social Media, Web and Mobile and much more.

Don’t have the skills? Don’t worry - we do!

An Entire Team

You may not have technology as an in-house skill at all, but we can help. We offer the T in Digital model, in which we become your entire Developer Team. This model is perfect for any agencies whose skills are within an area outside of Tech and Design.

Just relax - your project is in good hands!

Build your dream team

With the right team on your side, you can achieve your goals more efficiently.

German Hernandez

Front-End Developer

Jefferson Bernal

Full-Stack Developer

Niels Siskens


Rodelie Rey

Social Media

Reza Mae

VA & QA Specialist

Natalie Herrera

UX/UI Designer


Want to join our team?

Parrolabs offers you the opportunity to grow in your career. Check out our open positions, we may have something for you!

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Our partnerships

My Store

digital-marketing facebook-ads adwords digital-marketing, facebook-ads, adwords

ParroLabs has been delivering great advertisement, analytics and SEO support for the busiest period of the year. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Arno Nieuwenhuis

Owner, Mystore, Netherlands

Dom & Tom

web-development mobile-development

Dom & Tom

We provide user experience and mobile app development for iOS, Android and Web.


web-development new

The Parrolabs team was a pleasure to partner with on the AlarmTransfer Project . They are a great remote team.

Jason Ansley

CEO, AnsleyRDGroup, Florida, USA

National Geographic Society

web-development new

ParroLabs provided a great Front-End developer. We would work with them again if the opportunity arises.

You have questions, we have answers

What technologies do you use?

When it comes to back-end technologies, we use Ruby on Rails, Node JS and FireBase. For front-end technologies we use Angular JS, React, React Native (mobile), HTML5 and CSS3. We are highly skilled in all of these technologies and we can use them to deliver high quality results.

What services do you offer?

We offer some of the best Web Development, Mobile Development and surrounding services, including Project Management. We can also help you with your Online Advertising, Social Media Management and SEO.

What is the process?

You can choose how much or how little you would like our team to be involved. We can take over the extra work you don’t have time for (Parrolabs Overflow) or we can fill in any gaps in skills on your team (Parrolabs Skill Enhance). Or, we can provide you with an entire digital team with the T in Digital service. It’s up to you.

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