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Here is Why you should consider Parrolabs For your Career

We're Hiring! We are a group of Engineers, Marketeers, Designers and support staff that are running Latin America's Boutique Outsourcing Agency.
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Take Your Next Step

We are Hiring! The first Step is on you. Let us explain in a few bullets why we are a great option for your next Steps!

Great Benefits

We work with international teams and clients. Do you have what it takes to truely inspire?

We are Inclusive and Diverse

We seek that everyone on our team feels welcomed and included. This is why we promote values of respect that inspire and motivate.

It is Colombia, Not Columbia!

We are open to a good joke! You can be yourself and crack a joke from time to time. No Woke Woke with us, but we are a diverse Team.

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Why work with us

Continuous Education

We offer ongoing learning opportunities and encourage participation in courses such as English, Programming, Design, Marketing, and more.

Health & Wellness

The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance. That's why we provide benefits like Prepaid Medicine, Mental Health Support, and food and drinks at our offices.

Sports & Recreation

We value maintaining an active lifestyle. Through local partnerships, we provide gym passes and frequently incorporate physical activities into our work events.

Remote Work

No more traffic! Embrace remote work, reach our office at a convenient hour, and avoid tiresome commutes. We're a remote-first agency.

Vacancy List

Here is our current List of Vacancies throughout the Americas.

Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant is key in our company, supporting the marketing area's operational processes and strategies through diverse responsibilities. This role is essential for the smooth execution of marketing activities.
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Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator guides the marketing department, developing strategies, coordinating marketing efforts, communicating plans to stakeholders, and enhancing the awareness and positioning of our company's brands.
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I am Karina! 

I am the Head of Recruitment here at Parrolabs. I ensure our Recruitment Processes run smooth and our clients get the quality resources that they need on time. Reach out to us to get your free Strategy Session.
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