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See Our Vacancies
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We are Dedicated Experts

Our processes are transparent and represent the values and dedication of Parrolabs and its team members.

We are Inclusive and Diverse

We seek that everyone on our team feels welcomed and included. This is why we promote values of respect that inspire and motivate.

We are Committed

In every project, we reflect the excellence of our team, combining different areas of knowledge towards common objectives and shared goals.

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Why work with us

Continuous Education

We offer ongoing learning opportunities and encourage participation in courses such as English, Programming, Design, Marketing, and more.

Health & Wellness

The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance. That's why we provide benefits like Prepaid Medicine, Mental Health Support, and food and drinks at our offices.

Sports & Recreation

We value maintaining an active lifestyle. Through local partnerships, we provide gym passes and frequently incorporate physical activities into our work events.

Remote Work

No more traffic! Embrace remote work, reach our office at a convenient hour, and avoid tiresome commutes. We're a remote-first agency.

Vacancy List

Our team of credible teachers can give you the support you need.

Senior Developer

Embrace the role of Senior Developer, where you strategize and engineer software solutions using web technologies, including React JS and more. Meanwhile, supervise and mentor fellow developers, ensuring seamless task execution.

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Tech Manager

As a Tech Manager, you will partner closely with our US customers and our development team to oversee all aspects of any project, including managing a team of employees to ensure projects are completed on time and within specified budgets.

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Achieve your goals today!
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