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Working in a company that feels like family

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Juan Diego Franco

Graphic Designer
January 17, 2024

Working in a company that feels like family

My name is Juan Diego. This is the story about the new family I found.

Working and collaborating inside of parrolabs it’s truly an experience that has changed the way I flow day by day in terms of my professional and personal life; as a student who is still going and seeing classes at the University, one of my worries before getting inside of a company it’s the fact that most of them don’t allows you to use their time or space in the function of your personal and professional development, you can imagine how happy I was when that doubt I had was responded the first day I get here, the number of options of accessibility I have when I need to leave sooner from the office, or getting there a bit late it’s unbelievable and in it’s one of the main reasons i love to work here.

Not just that, even since I got here the first day, day by day, I can see how the company has grown with me and how I get involved more and more inside the core of the organization; it helps me know more about the teams, the leaders, the CEO, even from my teammates and myself, letting me work with a large amount of confidence within myself and everything I do.

Part of how I know that I’m being reasonable in what I do or what I have to improve is the amount of feedback I get on everything I deliver; this has helped me to improve the way I do things, the way I communicate, the way I plan the new strategies I should follow to keep getting better, it doesn’t just benefit myself, it also helps the entire team and other departments to stay tuned in the same channel and move forward together.

Everything that has happened since I got my position inside this family has just been good and unique things, things that I will never forget; I have learned so many things in about half a year, things that if I didn’t have the help the company gave me, I couldn’t learn to do, even less publish.

Being part of a company that treats themselves just like a family makes me work happy

And Work more, work with commitment and a lot of illusion about what comes next each day; the fact that this has been one of the first companies I get to work on in my professional life makes me think about how much companies out there offer the same type of laboral experiences, more than that, I think about how lucky can I be, cause even from the start this has been a nonstop journey that only goes to better, maybe we can have better days than others, but we always learn, and that’s one of the most important gifts we can have for ourselves.

Experience our commitment to growth, flexibility, and family-like environment.

  1. Embrace Flexibility: Supports education and professional growth.
  2. Experience Synergy: Team collaboration fueled by constructive feedback.
  3. Cherish Family-Like Atmosphere: Fosters happiness and commitment.
  4. Flexible Work Environment: Balances work and education.
  5. Growth and Involvement: Personal and company development.
  6. Feedback and Improvement: Enhances skills and team dynamics.
  7. Learning and Development: Continuous learning opportunities.
  8. Family-Like Culture: Supportive and inclusive environment.

Reflect on the enriching experience at Parrolabs, where every day is a step towards betterment, supported by a nearshore team that feels like family.

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