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In 2020 during the very beginning of the pandemic, many companies believed this situation would only be temporary. Now, after almost two years, we are still in a crisis, however this time the crisis is employees no longer want to return to the office. Most managers don’t know how to keep motivating a team in order to be successful in their company goals. Here are some tips on how to keep remote workers productive and happy.

  1. The key to success is communication.

While working online, communication is likely to be affected, but in today’s times, different tools allow us to access resources that help us strengthen and continue to advance. For example, one of the many tools we use in ParroLabs is Slack. Through this application we can create channels to make sure we always have effective communication and we can create activities that allow efficient communication between employees and their team.

The key to successful communication is to clarify what you expect from your team by having important discussions and giving them the flexibility and resources to get things done. Moreover, we should not forget the importance of constant group meetings, and making sure to announce and schedule beforehand, to agree on a time and day that works for most people.

  1. Expectations: Delegate responsibilities

Through communication processes and meetings, it is important to delegate the functions and expectations of each individual and each team. During the job induction, it is important to be clear about the position to be occupied and the functions that are to be expected.

Using apps can be helpful to manage the extra time that your employees are working and reminding them that it is important to manage their time. As a leader, some things are out of our control, whether employees are working in the office or working remotely. However, ultimately the overall outcome will show the hard work they have put in. 

  1. OnBoarding

Good onboarding can make a difference in your team. A lot of companies send emails with company information and their expectations from the employee at the end of the onboarding process. On the other hand, there are other companies that help the employees understand everything related to the company and their responsibilities, updating them with all the tasks that their teamwork is focused on and letting them know how important they are to the company.

  1. Motivating your team

Doing activities that all your employees can participate in is a great idea to work on team work abilities and to strengthen different areas that can help the company grow. Additionally, showing gratitude and letting workers express themselves in their own individual style is helpful, and placing more of the focus on the overall end goals.

Today, most employees are working remotely, so we can use activities to make  connections on a more personal level between the team, since it is easier to talk to colleagues when they have things in common. In this case, we can try to bring the team together by using tools that make activities easy, like creating a Slack channel to share stories, music, books or making a party on Netflix to share a great movie. Also, it is always important to remember to celebrate the success of the company with your employees. All of these factors can help contribute to a healthy and united work environment and team, even when working remotely.

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