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How to Manage a Nearshore Team

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Laura Morales

Social Communicator Coordinator

How to Manage a Nearshore Team

Nearshoring has many advantages, as mentioned in previous blogs, and here at Parrolabs, we take pride in our Nearshoring skills. In order to manage an effective Nearshoring team, however, there are specific skills and tactics that one may use. For example, clear communication with our customers is something that we take very seriously, as this ensures we provide the best quality services we can to our customers in other countries. This includes setting up meetings at times that will suit both ourselves and our customers. Making sure that we have effective meeting tools such as Google Meet, Squadcast, etc, also allows us to communicate effectively with our clients who are on different continents and in different time zones. Moreover, ensuring that our team has open communication with one another and that everyone collaborates together is key. A team that works together, communicates effectively, is organized, and all contribute is vital. 

At Parrolabs, we build a strong sense of community by engaging in social activities and events. This way, we have a company in which we feel comfortable and have a work atmosphere that feels like a family. We also take mental health here very seriously and make sure employees are not overwhelmed with language barriers or time zone differences and are managed effectively. Our human resource specialists and managers who take mental health here are all very mental health conscious and listen thoroughly and effectively to their staff if any complaints or concerns involve our Nearshoring services. Being inclusive and supportive in our company further facilitates working with others in various countries, as a happy staff ensures happy customers. 

The organization is also key when we are discussing managing a Nearshore team effectively. We must ensure everyone is aware of their role and responsibilities in the company, and that everyone knows what is expected of them. By establishing goals, KPIs, and projects with timelines and deadlines, there is no confusion, and our objectives are more clear and easier to reach. Additionally, what makes our Nearshoring skills and capabilities so effective, is asking our customers for feedback, and addressing any concerns they may have. We always strive to make sure our clients and customers are content and satisfied with our services, therefore checking in with them and discussing any questions or concerns they may have is very important to us. All in all, creating a safe environment in which our staff members feel comfortable, heard, and can openly communicate is of utmost importance to us here at Parrolabs, and putting all these practices mentioned above into practice allow us to provide great Nearshore services that are affordable, reliable, and take care of all of our customer’s needs.

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