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Top 5 Popular Backend Frameworks in 2021

The back-end communicates between the database and the browser.

Erik Beltrán

July 29, 2021
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Top 5 Popular Backend Frameworks in 2021

Understanding the Backend in Development

The unseen backbone of every digital platform, the backend acts as the bridge between the database and the browser. Think about when you log into an account or shop online. Each action triggers a request to the server-side, which in turn retrieves and sends data back to be showcased on your screen.

Demystifying Backend Frameworks

Backend frameworks aren't just code jargon. These server-side libraries shape and configure a website's backbone. In essence, they equip developers with the necessary tools and libraries, streamlining various operations.

Spotlight: Top 5 Backend Frameworks from GitHub Stars

1. Laravel

  • Language & Architecture: PHP; Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • USP: User-friendly and designed to make web development enjoyable. It boasts a proactive community and comprehensive documentation.

2. Django

  • Language & Architecture: Python; Model-View
  • USP: A high-level framework that's self-sufficient. With Django, you skip third-party plugins, making it a top pick for intricate projects.

3. Flask

  • Language: Python
  • USP: Termed as a 'microframework', Flask doesn't bind developers with specific libraries or tools. While it lacks built-in form validation or a database abstraction layer, it's extensible, making it ideal for smaller projects.

4. ExpressJS

  • Language & Usage: Backend for Node.js
  • USP: Free, open-source, and rising with the growing popularity of Node.js. ExpressJS stands out for developing RESTful APIs and web applications. Often seen in tech stacks like MEAN, MERN, and MEVN, paired with MongoDB and JavaScript front-end tools.

5. Ruby on Rails

  • Language & Architecture: Ruby; MVC
  • USP: Open-source and novice-friendly, Ruby on Rails is the go-to for seamless database table creation, view scaffolding, and migrations. It harmoniously melds with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for dynamic applications.

Written by Erik Beltran

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