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Apps to improve the design of your brand

There are a lot of online tools that you can use to work on your brand to improve your digital marketing process

Laura Morales

Social Communicator Coordinator
May 27, 2021
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Apps to improve the design of your brand

Hyperconnectivity and Digital Marketing: Making the Most of Instagram Stories

In the age of hyperconnectivity, ensuring your brand's digital presence is more than just a nice-to-have—it's a necessity. Digital marketing has emerged as the linchpin in this landscape, with platforms like Instagram leading the charge.

Navigating the Algorithmic Maze

While most brands have made their way to social platforms, simply being present isn't enough. Algorithmic intricacies might push your content into oblivion, especially if you don't post consistently. And when it comes to consistent visibility, Instagram Stories stands out as the frontrunner.

Crafting Compelling Stories: Top Tools

To captivate your audience, it's essential to harness the right tools. Here are some top picks to elevate your Instagram Stories:

1. Mojo: Animated Content Made Easy

Designed for mobile users, Mojo transforms static content into engaging animations with ease. Its wide array of customizable templates, coupled with a library of royalty-free music, ensures your stories resonate with the audience.

2. Adobe Spark Post: Interactive Content Creation

For those not well-versed in design, Adobe Spark Post acts as a savior. Integrate photos and videos seamlessly, craft unique filters, and leverage its vast free image bank to distinguish your brand. Available for both mobile and desktop.

3. Prequel: For the Spontaneous Brands

For brands with a more spontaneous and aesthetic flair, Prequel offers filters, effects, stickers, and more. Transform both images and videos into art pieces. It's exclusively available for mobile users.

4. Word Swag: Text-based Magic

If your brand thrives on communication, Word Swag is your go-to tool. Convert plain text into visually appealing designs, enhancing the look of your feed and stories. It's a mobile-only application.

Closing Thoughts

The digital realm is teeming with tools to elevate your brand and optimize your digital marketing endeavors. The right blend of strategy, creativity, and these tools can ensure your brand shines amidst the competition.

Written by Laura Morales

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