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Manage The Brand As An Employer

Are there any of the elements that can make a company a “good employer” or an “appetizing company

Karina Sanchez

IT Recuiter
May 13, 2021
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Manage The Brand As An Employer

Understanding Employer Brand Management in Organizations

Brands meticulously manage their reputation to establish a positive image among customers and to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. However, an often overlooked aspect is their reputation as employers.

The Significance of Being a Good Employer

Employees represent an invaluable segment within organizations. They are dedicated individuals, equipped with unique talents, driving the company's progress. But what truly defines a "good employer"?

Beyond Monetary Compensation

Contrary to popular belief, being a commendable employer extends beyond merely offering competitive salaries. Effective employer brand management endeavors to foster a harmonious relationship between human talent and the overarching marketing strategy. This approach mandates a clear vision, aiming to both retain and attract proficient talent.

The Multi-faceted Recruitment Process

Intriguingly, recruitment professionals often have ties to the design realm, underscoring the intricate nature of hiring. The recruitment process can be a prolonged affair, initiated by the employer's selection and culminating in the prospective employee's decision. In modern times, recruiters increasingly turn to accessible platforms like social networks to source talent.

Reputation Through the Employee's Lens

For employees, an organization's reputation hinges on the pillars of trust, admiration, and respect. Charles Fombrum, co-founder of the Reputation Institute, encapsulates this sentiment, suggesting that an organization's success in meeting employee expectations directly influences its reputation. In essence, the more proficient an organization is in catering to its employees, the more sterling its reputation.

Branding as a Talent Magnet

Utilizing a brand to attract talent is a strategic move, serving as a distinction in a fiercely competitive landscape. This raises a pertinent question: what attributes render a company as a "good employer" or an enticing workplace?

Key Identifiers of Employer Branding

Attributes such as organizational culture, leadership competence, clear objectives, communication styles, humane management policies, sustainability initiatives, and a balanced work-life dynamic collectively characterize companies that excel in employer branding.

The Holistic Approach to Employer Branding

Evidently, employer branding transcends mere communication tactics. It demands consistent actions and sustainable behaviors over an extended period.

Written by Karina Sanchez

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