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Why choose React as your Javascript Framework?

Let’s face it, there are many Javascript Frameworks these days.

Erik Beltrán

April 15, 2021
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Why choose React as your Javascript Framework?

Navigating the World of Javascript Frameworks

In the age of abundant Javascript frameworks, choosing the best one for specific project requirements can be a challenging endeavor. Delving into why one might opt for a front-end framework, especially with more straightforward alternatives available, we explore the nuances and advantages of ReactJS.

The Allure of Front-End Frameworks

Why Choose a Framework?

With prevalent platforms like WordPress and site builders like WIX commanding a significant internet presence, what's the argument for a front-end framework? Is there tangible value in spending exponentially more on such a framework compared to building a simple WordPress site?

A Sports Analogy

Consider tennis - while many can play the sport and hit a ball competently, facing a champion like Serena Williams demands a different preparation level. Similarly, web development's dynamics changed when Google emphasized website speed in 2018. The rise of headless web approaches underscores this shift.

ReactJS: A Deep Dive

My Experience with React

Though my perspective predominantly covers ReactJS and GatsbyJS, this doesn't insinuate an easy learning curve for React.

The ReactJS Learning Curve and Community

React, while being a subject of study for many, is blessed with a supportive community. The ease of picking up its basics guarantees the community's continued growth. With its opinionated structure, React also offers a clear distinction between seasoned developers and novices.

A Strong Institutional Backing

Originating from Facebook in 2013, ReactJS has evolved considerably, thanks to contributions from a vast global community of developers. Large corporations play an active role in contributing to the open-source code. With increasing device varieties, the commitment to enhance this framework remains unwavering.

The Technical Side: Why React Stands Out

The Component Advantage

Analyzing websites like Parrolabs, one can observe repeated yet slightly altered elements. The rapid loading times of such sites can be credited to React's component use. Upon clicking a link, most of the site is pre-loaded, resulting in swift navigational experiences.

The Verdict on ReactJS

Harnessing components can expedite website operations, making ReactJS an attractive choice for developers prioritizing speed and efficiency.

Written by Erik Beltran

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