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The Energy Future Of The Internet

Here's how the internet may help to make the world a contamination-free environment.

Niels Siskens

CEO of Parrolabs
October 16, 2020
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The Energy Future Of The Internet

The Unseen Cost of Internet Connectivity

The revolutionary advent of the internet has bridged distances and democratized information. However, it's essential to consider its environmental footprint, given its considerable energy consumption.

The Double-Edged Sword of Technological Advancement

Bridging Gaps, But at a Price

While the internet has connected us more than ever before and redefined access to information, it also demands a significant portion of global electricity consumption. The intricate networks of servers and extensive wiring necessary for even the simplest of online tasks often go unnoticed.

The Power Hungry Nature of the Internet

A staggering 10% of the world's electricity consumption powers our online interactions. These digital processes require a plethora of servers, always in standby, ensuring uninterrupted access.

The Silver Lining: Efficient Power Management

Larger Vendors Lead the Way

Fortunately, an increasing market share is being captured by a few major vendors. This consolidation means these industry giants can optimize power usage by scaling down during off-peak hours, promoting energy efficiency.

Rethinking the Physical Location of the Internet

Opportunities in Green Energy

The physical distance of data centers is no longer a pressing concern in this digital age. Thus, it's time to contemplate the geographical positioning of our digital infrastructure. Places like Iceland, Morocco, Colombia, and China stand out, offering abundant green energy sources such as geothermal, hydroelectric, and solar power.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Relocating data servers to these energy-rich regions not only spells cost savings but also dramatically reduces the CO2 emissions associated with our everyday online activities. The potential to diversify and "green" our internet has never been more promising.

Written by Niels Siskens

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