Parrolabs Joins The Seamless.Ai 7-Figure Presidents Club

Parrolabs joins the presidents club due to the efforts of our Laura Cotes
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Niels Siskens

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September 30, 2020

Parrolabs Joins The Seamless.Ai 7-Figure Presidents Club

Pivoting to Nearshore Outsourced B2B Sales

In line with strategic changes and the evolving business landscape, we've transitioned our focus, emphasizing the significance of remote communication-driven operations and outsourced B2B sales.

From Web & Mobile Development to Comprehensive Nearshore Partnering

Broadening our Scope

Transitioning from merely concentrating on Web & Mobile Development, we're now embracing roles where direct communication is pivotal—even remotely. One core aspect is our evolution into an Outsourced B2B Sales Provider.

The Outsourced Sales Vision

Understanding that outsourcing sales can appear challenging initially, our aim is to assemble proficient sales teams for our clients and partners. This encompasses everything from lead generation—despite the intense competition—to establishing and enhancing sales processes and functions.

Elevating the Sales Function

Onboarding a Sales Prodigy

To escalate our sales functions, we welcomed a game-changer. The initial step was refining our lead generation, which, despite serving its purpose, was largely manual and occasionally missed the mark.

A Revolution in Lead Generation: Enter

Our Business Development Manager, Laura, introduced us to, a tool that’s reshaped our lead generation approach. Under her guidance, we’ve generated nearly $2M USD in sales in under a year—a testament to her prowess in handling thousands of leads and steering sales reps across diverse communication platforms.

Tackling the Covid-19 Sales Challenge

In the shadow of Covid-19's economic impact, effective lead generation has never been more crucial. Connecting with the right audience can substantially bolster your bottom line, providing the much-needed upliftment for sales operations.

Kudos to the Sales Team

Our hearty congratulations go out to Laura and the entire sales team. Their achievements lay the foundation for even loftier goals, and we're excited to witness their ascent to the coveted 8-figure Diamond Level Presidents Club!

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