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Trends that will change the world's consumerism

The pandemic has forced us to change and improve our lives. The virtual world is a new market.

Melisa Torres

Graphic Designer
May 21, 2020
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Trends that will change the world's consumerism

Pandemic Aftermath: A New Digital Landscape

The situation we have been facing for a couple of months now has left us a lot of time to reinvent ourselves as individuals and as responsible members of society.

Top 5 Legacy Trends from the Pandemic

The pandemic has forced us to expand our vision and has evolved the way in which we coexisted with technology which has been a lot more accelerated. These are some of the trends that the pandemic will leave us as a legacy:

1. Hello virtual world, goodbye to cash!

It has never been so necessary to keep distance between us, and what we can learn from this, is that queuing is not as necessary as we thought, and cash can go into the background if we have a virtual payment method that allows us to do everything easier.

2. Increasing time in front of the screen.

Media has been very useful to maintain economic movement in some sectors, but it has also shown that physical presence in an office is unnecessary, the use of smartphones and teleconferences will be endless.

3. A new wardrobe.

The epidemic has hit many industries worldwide, and although fashion will have a hard time getting up, people are now aware of the damage we have caused to the planet. So sustainable consumption alternatives like second-hand clothing and the invention of reusable materials will have their moment to shine.

4. Obsession with cleaning.

Until now people have dimensioned the importance of cleaning for survival. This situation has made tangible for many the fact, that something tiny could end the greatness of humanity.

5. The way for telemedicine is open.

Based on the fact that this pandemic could make many country’s medical system collapse, and despite technological development, we still lack the necessary to face situations like this. Science will most likely develop new technologies to address the shortcomings in the health sector. These might include apps for self-treatment from the comfort of your home, also virtually accompanied by professionals.

Adapting to Change: A Call for Businesses

It’s a fact that something small can make big changes, this indicates the time of evolution that we have lived since confinement. It’s a good time to evolve your business, and at Parrolabs we offer a highly trained team to help you grow. We can increase your brand’s recognition on the internet through an eCommerce, an app, or just by being present on social networks. What are you waiting for? Leave us your contact information.

Written by Melisa Torres

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