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My Experience Being A General Assistant

Here's what its like to be an assistant in Parrolabs.

Karina Sanchez

IT Recuiter
April 30, 2020
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My Experience Being A General Assistant

The Evolving Role of the General Assistant

When you hear the term general assistant, what do you think of? Some people might imagine the role as a secretary using a skirt and filing lots of papers, some others might imagine it as someone following administrative tasks. These might be correct, because something general is something without limits, being considered as inexact or undetailed. So to describe what a general assistant does, from my meandering experience, I would say it is basically to give help to daily management tasks.

From Novice to Versatile Professional

When I started working in Parrolabs, all that was required was a good level of English and openness to learn. I had already worked before as an adviser, and I kind of thought it was going to be something similar. However, my job was very different and much more diverse. I have been providing support to some development projects, like arranging copy, changing information, helping the QA team and many other smaller tasks. I didn’t know anything about development or digital companies, but I was willing to learn, and I did.

As time passed and the team changed, I gained more responsibilities, mostly related with administration, human resources and accounting. I can say that there is no to-do list, almost every day requires something new; conducting market research, updating and filling databases, writing content for social media, keeping invoices, paying workers, are just some of the tasks.

Keys to Thriving as a General Assistant

The main things that I need to have in order to be successful are:

Positive attitude.

discipline & Order.

Task Management.

With the knowledge gained, I can say Parrolabs has helped me to improve in many ways and prepare me for the future.

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