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Some positive aspects of Working From Home!

The situation that the entire world is experiencing today may be improved.

Laura Morales

Social Communicator Coordinator
April 16, 2020
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Some positive aspects of Working From Home!

The situation that the entire world is experiencing today more than a catastrophe has become a challenge.

This has tested our solidarity, trust, recursiveness and even our emotional resistance. Spending hours, days and even weeks in the same place might be challenging for many. Our homes have taken a new role in our lives since it is now an office, a classroom, a gym, and even an amusement park. Where activities and our daily routine has to be different. Getting along with the people you live with might be hard, but we need to make through this time.

The Dawning of A New Era

We are all going through an extreme situation at the moment. The world economy is being severely affected, people with fewer resources are seriously suffering. That being said, from change comes opportunity and as such our society is experiencing the beginning of a new era. What we are experiencing today is changing our way of thinking, studying, feeling, and working will change forever.

The Evolution of Work: From Choice to Necessity

Remote working or Work From Home (WFH) changed from a "fashion" to an absolute must. Many entrepreneurs and works alike had to adapt to his new reality and teams are now working remotely entirely. Where in Colombia, distrust is the main obstacle, most employers are now forced to quickly change. We should take this time to include the wonders of technology in our daily lives. This new era invites us to change, where we don’t let our dreams, goals, jobs, and education down. We will come out of this situation by commerce digitization, digital marketing and creating new technologies to help us under any circumstances.

Redefining Living Paradigms

This will also change the way we live. Think about the fact that we may no longer need to live in Packed Cities, but can live more remotely, can travel and live in different places. All due to the fact that we finally embraced the fact that we no longer needed to be face-to-face. The result will likely be that we live longer happier lives.

The Call for Digitization

Today more than ever we have the challenge of working online, humanizing brands, and digitizing processes. Where Colombia is a heavily paper-based society, it will need to catch up if it were to upgrade itself into the 21st century. More than ever before, we need to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution. We might finally see the need for good User Focussed Design, Great Web & Mobile Development, and Digital Marketing.

Written by Laura Morales

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