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RFP Writing Services

Have an RFP for a Web or Mobile project that you need to write? Not sure where to start? Having issues with the language specific to Web Development? We can be your partner as we can write your technical RFP.

One of our staff will be your contact person and the team can define and bring down your needs on paper. We will also help you define a ballpark estimate of how much time - and thus money - you are going to need to spend to get the App or Website off the ground.

With a management team with a background in Procurement Consulting, it is easy to help out in this field. Writing an RFP is challenging and at Parrolabs we offer you to write it. As a matter of professionalism, we will not bid on your RFP, so you will unfortunately have to exclude a very great option.

With a great RFP, you have set a great first step for a successful Web or Mobile Project.


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