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So, you have finally managed to get a great website online, but then the visitor numbers are lacking and getting visitors to your blog in the beginning or overtime is very difficult.

When the internet started and you posted a funny picture, you would soon have a multitude of visitors to your website. Unfortunately, these days this is no longer the case and algorithms are currently favoring the Pay Per Click Campaigns both on Google as well as on Social Media.

And while most of our clients have started with the best of intentions to make their own campaigns, they seldom have seen the conversions that they were expecting. With Costs Per Click rising to as much as $300 USD per click for very strategic keywords, getting anywhere with a limited budget requires an effective strategy.

Parrolabs, can setup and manage your Pay per Click Campaigns. Keyword Analysis, Keyword Planning and Keyword Management require a strategic longer term partner. Depending on your spend we will review your campaigns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We will review and optimize the campaigns. We will also redefine your budgets.


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