Our Services Development



Our Web & Mobile Developers create and maintain complex software projects. Our team is almost framework and language agnostic, meaning we can code in the framework that works best for the project. We work with Go-Lang, Rails, Python, NodeJs and on the Front-End we mostly work with React.

On-Demand Front- End Web Developer

Our Front-End Web Developers, bring a wealth of experience. They work with modern frameworks, including React, Angular and VueJS also they are used to coding the Front-End and integrating the API from the back-end.

On-Demand Rails Developer

Our Ruby on Rails Developers can support or lead virtually any project. We bring on demand developers that we augment from our Development Center in Medellin. Our Developers are in the top 5% of Latin Developers.

React Native Development

From React to React Native might seem like a big step. However, we prefer the React Native Framework for all relatively simple App Requirements. React Native allows us to use one codebase for Android and IOS development.

React Development

Our Preferred framework on the Front-End. Facebook’s React Framework is easy to develop and makes websites respond instantaneously while running on relatively light servers.

Content Server Hosting

Our content server serves to provide high content websites, including news websites, high traffic blogs and sites heavy in images, articles or videos, with an optimization in speed and content delivery. Leading to an optimized User Experience.

Southsourcing Nearshoring

We bring you Southsourcing, Our Nearshore Outsourcing!

Cloud Hosting

We almost exclusively use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting our client’s websites. As AWS has a global presence, and the most comprehensive set of services, it provides the most optimized experience for our clients and their web or mobile app users.

Web or Mobile Project RFP writing Service

We get the challenges, you want a new website or redesign your existing website and want a partner for the development. We can help you write down the requirements that make sense in our RFP writing services.