Parrolabs is your ally in the process of your brand creation, counting with a skilled and visionary team of designers who understand and internalize the brand's philosophy.


As a result of the development of your brand, our team carries out the delivery of a complete and personalized style guide, built according to the specific needs of the client, including general parameters of:

Shape, size and location of the logo.
Selection of representative color palette.
Sources that reflect the identity and that complements the logo.
Iconography and/or photograph set to accompany the brand.
Visual applications of the brand, to exemplify the concept and the essence of what is wanted to convey.


Likewise, we help you to complement your identity, empowering your ideas and projects with a portfolio of graphic developments that our designers can achieve for you digitally, among them are:

Specialized brand presentations or projects.
Corporate graphic pieces.
Advertising banners.
Special designs.

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