The Nearshoring Services That Bring You Our Unique Southsourcing™ Model!

Our Services

Parrolabs, as a nearshore agency works with clients to provide them a range of services that can be operated remotely. Instead of seeing each skill as a silo, Parrolabs provides an integrated approach to its services. Using our project management software and our expertise in developing efficient processes, we take an integrated approach so that we optimize your workflows and bring you a complete service.


Integral Approach Projects

Commercial advisor and communication with our CEO.

Workflow management and planning.

Execution with qualified and flexible teams.

End-to-End guaranteed quality control processes.

A Selection Of Our Customers

Parrolabs in a Few Words

Parrolabs was formed with the idea in mind that Companies should be able to tap into the massive labour resources that Latin America has. Where Parrolabs its origins can be best described as a remote Web Development agency. Now, it is a full-service Nearshore digital agency providing a range of services including web development, mobile development, social media management, contact center and High Volume Creative. For an overview of some of our past projects, please have a look at our Reel.

Parrolabs Reel