Nearshore Engineering

We offer Staff Augmented Latin American Nearshoring Engineering Services

Near-shoring Tech the Parrolabs Way

At Parrolabs we believe in Tech Engineering teams that work together from various hubs in Latin America together with your north American counterparts. We work with Modern Technologies including Laravel, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Java and .Net. On the front-end we use a range of JS frameworks including NextJS, GatsbyJS, React. Our Nearshoring Centers also have speciality in Devops, QA and Review of Modern Technologies.

How Parrolabs is different

Tested Engineers

Thoroughly Tested Individuals

Our Recruitment distinguishes itself. While there is a shortage of Developers at the moment, we have a thorough selection process and only the top developers will make it into Parrolabs

Tested Engineers

Team Focus

We focus on teamwork rather than individual performance. Getting great Software takes more than having great Developers. QA & PM are crucial


Modern Frameworks

We love working with modern frameworks, but don't forget about the not-so-hot. That is why we still work with Ruby on Rails and others as there is a need in the market

Small Latin American Tech Hubs

Small Nearshore Hubs

Covid-19 made us work from home and then we realized we are best off with a lot of smaller hubs instead of 1-2 big hubs.

Software Discovery Consulting

Let us Help you select the Right Technology

Having the right technology from the get-go can help you save thousands of USD and sometimes even Millions of USD down the road. Having a Software Discovery Phase is crucial in securing success of the project. It is the game-changer and Parrolabs and its Partners are able to help you further.

Parrolabs will have its Tech Leads have a look at your needs and come up with a solution to your problem. This will help you bring your needs down to paper. From that moment on, you can select Parrolabs to develop it or select another technology partner based on your needs.


Cloud Engineers and Dev Ops Implementation

Going to the Cloud the right way

A Devops Strategy in your organization will not only save you a lot of money, it is crucial in keeping your infrastructure and data secure. While no system is unbreacheable. Keeping infrastructure organized is crucial in having the right defenses in place.

Whether you are a small e-commerce shop, a doctor with patient files, a startup or enterprise Cloud engineers will be crucial to keep your data safe.

Parrolabs has been focussing for a long time on Cloud Engineers. Many people at Parrolabs are trained in AWS so that we have a steady support for our Customers.


I am part of the Parrolabs development team more than a year ago, during this time I acquired a high level of experience in developing projects with React & React Native through agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. With which I have structured the Front-End of very robust projects and the Back-End with CMSs. I have constant communication with design teams and stakeholders.

Front-End Developer

Nearshore Technical Maintenance

Extend the lifetime of your project

At Parrolabs we maintain a range of Web & Mobile Applications for clients across a range of industries. Technical maintenance will keep your Software Secure, Up to date and will continue to fix bugs. Continues technical maintenance will ensure that your projects achieve their goals.