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At Parrolabs, we offer trained and tested engineers to be part of your team remotely. We serve digital agencies, creative agencies, and fast-growing startups.

As the American shortage of quality developers is increasing, it is crucial that you start looking outside the box. Having a Latin American partner that is approved and able to filter the developers that best suit your needs is essential. Our typical clients for Augmented Developers include Startups and Mid-to-Large Corporations.

Our Recruitment Process

We engage with you in making sure we understand the requirements and propose a way to share the candidate pipeline. In cohesion, we will decide on the best recruitment strategy.

Most likely, we will need to recruit your developers and a solid Recruitment Strategy will help us get the right developers for the job. As a typical recruitment strategy we would include:

  • Reaching out to the Candidate
  • Pre-selection Interview with the Candidate
  • Tech Interview or Tech Test (or both)
  • Candidate Introduction
  • Fit-Interview
  • On-boarding




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