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Our Mobile App Philosophy

As virtually all of us use our phones on a daily basis, it becomes important to remember that most of us only use a handful of apps everyday, even if we have hundreds of them installed. Users will need a specific reason to use a certain app consistently, and it is therefore crucial to think about this before starting to develop a new app.

Parrolabs and its partners can help you determine an ideal strategy for your Mobile App. Ask us about the possibilities.

Mobile Apps have changed the landscape ever since the first iPhone was launched and Apple's SDK was opened to developers. Many apps have gained popularity, from early beer drinking apps to plane landing apps, all the way to social media apps.


Mobile Apps in a few Bullets

  • Mobile hybrid technologies: We make use of the latest Mobile Hybrid Technologies including React Native and Vue Native if your project allows.
  • Native when needed, Hybrid where possible: We work with React Native where possible. If your application is too demanding, we will need to work with Swift and Java to make your app for iOs & Android.
  • Thoroughly Tested: What distinguishes a good app from a great App is QA. We are doing automated QA as well as manual testing. To read more about QA, have a look at this Blog Post.





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