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Our Websites or Mobile Apps

In Web we distinguish between Brochure Websites which are relatively straight forward and Web Applications, which require a lot of Human Interaction. These are made either by our Marketing Department, or Require a Tech Team. Our Mobile Apps are made using Modern Hybrid Technologies or Native.

Mobile Apps & Websites in a few Bullets


Mobile Hybrid Technologies

We make use of the latest Mobile Hybrid Technologies including React Native and Vue Native if your project allows


Brochure Websites that Perform

We get it, you want a simple yet effective website for your Business. We build a great performing website in Webflow or Wordpress for you


Web Applications

We help some of the best known brands make their websites blazingly fast using React. Get yours as well!


Native when Needed, Hybrid Where Possible

We work with React Native where possible. If your application is too demanding, we will need to work with Swift and Java to make your app for iOs & Android.

Brochure Websites

Simple Yet Effective Websites

The most basic website in our arsenal is the Brochure Website. These are websites that require limited human interaction and are mostly providing the user with information. They are ideal for about 80% of the internets websites. They can be coupled with more advanced features, but that would require Engineers to help out.

In terms of technology, we use Wordpress but primarily Webflow to make our Brochure Websites. We start with a quick design in Figma and will then transpose your design into a website.

Our Webflow websites are being used by some of the world's leading startups and are able to handle significant amounts of traffic. One distinguishing Factor is that Webflow Websites tend to be fast out of the box, an important SEO factor.

The majority of the websites that we are building these days are build in Webflow and among the many advantages, one is that we are able to export it into the basis of a custom Application including React with a few clicks on the button when the needs arises. Tell us about your Brochure Website needs!


Web Applications

Custom Made Web Applications

When your project requires significant human interaction, we always recommend you having a Custom Web Application. We tend to build these in React or Angular, modern Javascript Frameworks that will help with the interaction.

The website you are looking at right now, is built in Gatsby JS another modern framework that is performing quite well in terms of speed. While ours has limited human interaction, we chose it over other technologies due to the speed of implementation.

As you can see, there are more than one factors that determine if we need to build a simple Wordpress or Webflow website or if it would be recommendable to build a Custom Website.

In most cases, it is pretty straight forward and simple is oftentimes better than starting off complex. Especially when requirements are not set in solid rock yet and pivoting will likely be required.

In either case, we are here to help you make the choice for a Brochure Website or Custom Web Application. So feel free to reach out!


I have strong skills in branding development, user interface design for digital products and I am passionate about illustration and lettering. At Parrolabs I have had the opportunity to increase my skills and together with the design team creating complex projects, with ideation, structuring, visual design and user testing processes.

Graphic Designer

Mobile Apps

Modern Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps have many different aspects. You can be looking to build a Mass Consumer App, like Uber or Bumble that require vast amounts of Cash to Build and Market, or you can be looking for an app that will help your employees in their daily tasks.

Whatever it is, Parrolabs has the expertise and experience building a wide variety of applications. We use technologies including React Native to speed up the process and to keep costs at Bay.

At Parrolabs we work in Phases to make your Mobile App. The first is almost always a discovery phase which is for you to understand what is possible and for us to understand your needs and to provide you with the best possible solution.

As making a mobile app requires significantly more investment than a Website, we nearly always want to make sure that you are following the path to success. Many startup founders and managers have made the mistake of jumping into the building their App to quickly.