Digital Marketing

We bring you nearshore digital marketing services including email marketing, Social Media, SEO and SEM.

Nearshore Digital Marketing at Parrolabs

Digital Marketing has been one of the pillars since the inception of the company. We maintain Social Media for our customers, provide Email Campaigns and Maintain SEO and SEM.

Additionally, simple websites and high Volume Creative are being taken care of by the Marketing Department. If you need significant volumes of Banners the Marketing Department will be able to help. Need a ton of SWAG? We can help you design it.

Why choose Parrolabs for your Marketing Needs?

marketing execution

Marketing Execution Expertise

Since inception, we have been helping tons of US based Digital Agencies with their Digital Marketing.

email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing

We focus on the Creation and Design of successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Campaigns

We can take care of your Social Media Marketing Needs from the A to Z.

Measure Marketing

Measure Measure Measure

To Measure your performance is crucial

Email Campaigns that Stick

People's Attention Span is Extremely Short

Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? The fish that every second bubble had forgotten where she was? Well, most people now have a lesser attention span when it comes down to their email boxes.

At Parrolabs we have the expertise in Modern Email Marketing and using Hubspot and other CRMs we can capture a person's attention. We produce email campaigns that exceed the industry standards.

The secret of Email Campaigns is to analyze what people really are interested in. Chances are, it is not your company and thus you'll need some serious Marketing Help. At Parrolabs we are able to provide this in a nearshoring fashion.


Social Media Management

Getting Good at Social Can be a Game Changer

Social Media Management is crucial to scoring great in today's online world. Would you trust a company that has not written content in Years? Social Media Marketing will help your conversions, your presence and your Brand Overall

Karen has been with Parrolabs for over 2 years. In her Current Role as Marketing Coordinator she is responsible for all client communication from a Marketing Perspective. Her Marketing Department is responsible for anything related to Nearshore Digital Marketing. Whether it is Email Marketing, Social Marketing Management, SEO, SEM or High Volume Creative Works; Karen will be able to help you!

Marketing Coordinator

High Volume Creative Materials

Need a lot of Creative Materials?

If you are looking for a partner that can handle a high Volume of Banners and Creative Materials, you have come to the right place. At Parrolabs using our processes, we are able to scale up quickly to address your Creative Needs.

At Parrolabs we have the expertise to follow brand guidelines and QA and Create a high volume of Creative Materials. Parrolabs has been working with leading brands in the entertainment industry, various Digital Marketing Agencies and others to help them in their high volume creative material creation.