World Bible School (WBS) was founded in the 1970-ties and currently operates in over 50 countries. With a team of enthusiastic volunteers they have been spreading Bible Studies for the last 40+ years and are one of the early adopters of technology. Their website will soon reach the age of 25 years. A very challenging aspect of their web presence is the fact that many of their potential clients are based in low-income countries and oftentimes want to study using their feature phones. So the website needs to be light, yet appealing to people in wealthier countries.

Case Study

Parrolabs was approached in the summer of 2018 and has been maintaining and hosting the website ever since. In addition to hosting and maintaining the World Bible School main website, Parrolabs has been rebuilding their English Language App called Spoken, which you can find in the iOs App Store & Android Playstore.


Parrolabs placed a developer and DevOps specialist to take over and improve the hosting. Parrolabs worked with WBS and their Trello Board in order to bring improvements to the WBS website.


The results of the maintenance were visible almost immediately. The page-speed improved considerably, leading to better rankings in search engines like Google. The site was able to process more visitors and overall the site was received much more positively.


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