Telemundo Atlanta is a regional Spanish Speaking News Agency which focusses on the Atlanta, GA region. Telemundo is operating in a changing media landscape away for multiple per screen to multiple screens per person and a content model that goes more towards on-demand as people are less inclined to stick around the TV all night.

Case Study

Parrolabs was approached by Telemundo Atlanta in the fall of 2017 after they had outgrown their former Digital Agency. Parrolabs was asked to take over the hosting as well as bring the site in a better condition than it was before.


Parrolabs made several improvements to the website including Security, Speed and Upgraded the hosting capability.


The result was that Telemundo Atlanta finally had a website that would load under the threshold of 2 seconds which is in line with the industry standard for a New Website, with a Pagespeed above 90.


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