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Parrolabs' Strategic Nearshore Locations

Parrolabs stands out in nearshore services, spanning the Americas with offices in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and key U.S. locations in Los Angeles and Austin. Our strategic presence combines regional expertise with advanced tech solutions, meeting diverse market needs and delivering exceptional support.

Our Locations

Our Staff works from Hubs across the Americas. We believe in a Remote Hybrid Model, where we offer the team a collaborative environment.


As a client of Parrolabs, I’ve consistently experienced outstanding service and top-notch talent. Their developers aren’t just skilled; they bring a level of dedication and innovation that genuinely elevates our projects. Parrolabs doesn’t just deliver on promises – they exceed expectations.

Dennis Langlais
Tech Manager, Kin Insurance

“Working with Parrolabs has been a game-changer for my agencies. Their designers and marketing staff blend creativity with efficiency, consistently delivering exceptional results. The talent at Parrolabs goes beyond skill; they bring a unique energy and understanding that enhances every project. It’s not just about fulfilling requirements; it’s about partnering with a team that truly gets your vision and amplifies it.”

Pete Mertz
Agency Owner, Misfit

Parrolabs delivers valuable development services and collaborates with internal resources to execute effective solutions to platform challenges. The team provides notable expertise, which supports a productive partnership. Their responsiveness and dedication lead to an ongoing partnership.

Lee Allen
Maryville, Tennessee

Nearshoring is Outsourcing at Its Best

NearShoring outsourcing has gained significant traction over the last couple of years. Where Early outsourcing Pioneers were looking For the most optimal price, cultural differences, Time Zone Differences, and Lack Of Infrastructure Gave Outsourcing a Bad Reputation. Hence Nearshore Outsourcing has gained Traction as The Ideal Balance Between Cost Optimization and Efficiency. Parrolabs Specializes in Staff Augmentation Of Teams of Developers, Designers, and Marketing Staff in the near-shoring field to Optimize your costs and Processes.