Handy can be best described as the Airbnb for Handymen. If you need cleaning services, repairman, installation services for Wifi or your TV, then the IOS or Android App for Handy will be your best bet.

Case Study

Handy uses Parrolabs to provide a flexible NearShoring solution Handy, the “airbnb for handymen”, approached Parrolabs for some help on their Rails development. Handy is located in NYC, where rates for developers are very high due to an increase in demand. The case was very well defined making it easy for us to commit to delivering a number of developers and we implemented the code from our office in Medellin in an efficient and quick fashion.

project image 1


Parrolabs its developers were able to debug and update the code quickly and in a professional fashion following Handy’s documented standards. The team was able to work together with Handy’s team using Slack, Skype and other communication tools. The project management was being done using a Kanban tool. The responsibility of which was fully with Handy as Parrolabs just delivered the developers and the facilities in our office.

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Parrolabs was able to help Handy achieve its goal for the quarter by helping it work out the upgrade of Rails, so its engineers could focus on other tasks more. Overall, the work was delivered on-time and we continue to have a positive relationship with Handy.

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