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Telemundo Atlanta

Explore a compelling story of digital transformation success in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Discover Telemundo Atlanta's successful digital transformation journey with Parrolabs.
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Telemundo Atlanta, a regional Spanish-speaking news agency, partnered with Parrolabs to address digital challenges and enhance its online presence. As part of a rapidly changing media landscape, Telemundo Atlanta recognized the need to adapt quickly to remain relevant to its nearly 1 million Latino audience in the Atlanta region.


In 2017, Telemundo Atlanta faced many issues, such as slow website loading times and poor code base quality, among other things. While excelling in content creation, technical shortcomings hurt their digital performance. As they heavily depended on a digital agency, the website's delivery and maintenance faced many challenges.

Parrolabs planned a comprehensive strategy to renovate Telemundo Atlanta's digital infrastructure. The focus was on improving website performance, enhancing user experience, and displaying digital platforms effectively. The collaboration gave them significant results: Website optimizations led to a 53% increase in visitors. This improvement facilitated access to content, bettering their user experience. The "organic" section flourished, which showed that strategic improvements aligned with audience interests. Telemundo’s Improved performance translated to better search engine rankings, particularly on platforms like Google News, which ensured higher visibility for future content. 


Telemundo Atlanta's partnership with Parrolabs demonstrates a successful digital transformation, effectively addressing technical challenges. By enhancing performance, user experience, and search visibility, the collaboration reinforced Telemundo Atlanta's relevance in the media landscape. This success highlights the impact of strategic digital interventions on regional news agencies. 




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