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We supported Seaworld in their Banner Campaign with Creatives supply

Seaworld | High Volume Creative

Seaworld as an industry leader in the aquatic entertainment industry is current going through significant transformation due to animal welfare concerns and the press surrouding it. As such, Seaworld is transforming itself into a modern Entertainment Industry Powerhouse. Parrolabs worked with the on-shore team, who defined the campaigns, offerings and did the Media Buying for most of the Campaigns. Parrolabs delivered the creative Materials and the Styling of the Campaigns. Parrolabs was able to work with a nearshore agency on this very intense short to ramp-up project.


A well known Digital Marketing and Creative Agency in the USA known for famous slogans and Campaigns was seeing huge variations in the Volumes of Creative Works that they were seeing.

For the most part they were doing this work internally, pushing the limits of their Creative Team as they were overwhelmed with work. At times while having very limited work, and at times they were overflown with work where even their creative directors suddenly had to become hands on.

They decided something had to change and worked with another agency that isa partner with us and together we figured that part of the high volume creative work could be done in a nearshoring fashion from our office in Medellin Colombia.


Parrolabs was able to scale a team of Creatives Quickly and provide the right guidance to them in order to start quickly on the Massive Banner Task Ahead.

The team was able to run the Banner Campaigns on time in order for the client to conduct the Media Buying. Overall, the co-operation for the SeaWorld Project was a massive success which got duplicated many times over.

Instant Scale

Parrolabs Was able to rapidly scale a team

Media Buying Schedule

We were able to meet an aggressive media buying schedule

Banner Campaigns

We were able to manage multiple banner campaigns simultanious

We were able to bring Banners in High Quality Quickly using internal QA and working in tantrum with our On-Shore Agency partners.

The results were that multiple Media Buying Deadlines were made. The client was very happy with the results and more work was assigned throughout the process. Overall the high volume capabilities of Parrolabs were matching the needs of the client.