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Kin Insurance

Parrolabs played a pivotal role in sourcing the most suitable engineers for Kin Insurance's team.

Parrolabs played a pivotal role in sourcing the most suitable engineers for Kin Insurance's team.
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Kin Insurance emerged as a game-changer, shaking the market with its revolutionary approach. In late 2020, after securing its Series B funding, Kin Insurance faced a demanding need to scale up its engineering team, as engineers at Kin are placed into so-called 'PODS,' which consist of around eight engineers each. Parrolabs, with its significant expertise in talent acquisition and augmentation, stepped in to assist Kin Insurance in finding agile and efficient engineers to execute the company's ambitious growth plans.

Co-founder Steven Wooten approached Parrolabs to seek their assistance in recruiting and onboarding several Latin American Ruby on Rails engineers. Parrolabs thoroughly searched over 1000 engineering profiles from platforms like LinkedIn and other professional sources. While Parrolabs engaged with approximately 50 engineers, the strict selection criteria ensured that only the most qualified and skilled candidates were contenders for Kin Insurance. The focus was on selecting engineers who would excel technically and integrate well into Kin Insurance's dynamic work culture, and have proficient English language skills.

Although the ratio of engineers placed might seem modest (5 out of 50), the quality of the selected engineers was outstanding. Parrolabs' rigorous approach ensured that the chosen engineers carried the right blend of technical expertise and language proficiency. Through a collaborative effort, Parrolabs and Kin Insurance tackled the challenges of improving their engineering team and focusing on quality and efficiency. By sourcing talented Ruby on Rails engineers from Latin America, Parrolabs played a crucial role in augmenting Kin Insurance's Engineering Teams with skilled professionals who aligned very well with the company's vision and values. This successful partnership enabled Kin Insurance to remain an innovator in the US home insurance market, delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences. 

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