If life has not given you handy hands, you need a handymen to help!


Handy can be best described as the Uber for Handymen. Handy is an app for if you need a cleaning lady, a plumber or any of those other tasks that people who clearly cannot be described as "Handy" sometimes need doing.


Handy approached Parrolabs with a serious shortage of Ruby on Rails developers and asked Parrolabs to quickly scale up their Rails team so they could hit their target.

Parrolabs went ahead and quickly scaled a team of several Ruby on Rails Developers, a QA specialist and a Scrum Master to quickly scale their team.


Parrolabs was able to scale a team of hard to find Ruby on Rails developers in order for Handy to get through their Quarter and make their targets. Handy was acquired in the next quarter and a management transfer was completed.

We were able to get this app upgraded within the quarter and were able to improve the code and make sure a best practice development process was followed.

Ruby on Rails

Parrolabs Delivered Full Stack Developers

Team Model

We were able to provide Handy with a team

Bigger Startup

Parrolabs experience with Larger Startups that need to scale quickly

Handy was able to meet their tight deadline and was able to deliver their new release on the deadline. Together with the client team we were able to deploy on time.