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DW Drums

DevOps and SCRUM boosted website performance.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between DW Drums and Parrolabs led to successfully resolving their DevOps challenges.
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DW Drums, a prominent drum kit, and hardware manufacturing company based in the U.S., houses four distinguished brands: LP, DW, Gretsch, and PDP (Pacific Drums). While operating multiple warehouses nationwide, they have also established a significant presence in the e-commerce domain. However, with an influx of online customers, they encountered a challenge due to the need for a robust DevOps development system. This shortage hindered their ability to manage website updates and maintenance efficiently, adversely impacting their performance.

To address these pressing concerns, DW Drums sought the assistance of Parrolabs. Together, we devised two solutions to enhance their operations.

Firstly, we implemented a DevOps cycle, introducing separate servers for staging and production. This setup allowed all changes and updates to be initially tested in the staging environment, minimizing the risk of impacting the live website. Once the client approved the changes in staging, we seamlessly transferred them to the production server, ensuring a smooth and error-free transition. This approach significantly reduced downtime and eliminated any potential issues that could have arisen during the updates.

Secondly, we introduced an agile methodology known as SCRUM, which brought structure and organization to their development process. By incorporating sprints and utilizing the five essential ceremonies of SCRUM—Sprint planning, Sprint, Sprint Review, Retrospective, and Backlog refinement—we enhanced the efficiency of their team. This newfound organization allowed them to deliver higher-value work in less time and respond swiftly to the constant demands of their clients. As a result, DW Drums now has a clearer understanding of their available capacity for changes and can confidently meet tight deadlines for singer campaigns and product launches.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between DW Drums and Parrolabs led to successfully resolving their DevOps challenges. The integration of a DevOps cycle and the implementation of SCRUM have brought about a remarkable improvement in their website's performance, enabling them to cater to their growing online clientele effectively.



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