Rebels and Misfits?

Work at Latin America's Maverick Agency!

Team Reunion
Team Reunion

Boosting Your Future

At Parrolabs we are no ordinary Near-shoring Agency. We work in pair with Recruitment Rebels and Our clients tend to be true Misfits. If you want to work with Fast-Growing USA based Startups, Rebellious Misfit Agencies or work on Social Media for some of the latest tech brands, you are in great hands. We have presence throughout Latin America with our origins in Medellin Colombia. Our clients are almost exclusively USA & Canada Based.

Why Work With Us

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Work Remote in a team

We work as a team directly integrated with the client. This way you get exposure to dif

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Work with foreign teams

Open the frontiers of knowledge, allow cultural exchanges and network in other countries, as well as improve your communication skills.

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Improve your professional skills

You have contact and review of Senior professionals, which allows you to know your level, profile yourself and improve specific skills and knowledge from the best.

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Having the best resources

We provide you with all the working tools you need, from computers, screens, dashboards, to softwares and an optimal workspace.

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Our Culture

Process Spiral

We are integral professionals

We work in transparent processes that represent the values and commitment of Parrolabs and its employees.

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We are inclusive and diverse

We seek that everyone in our team feel good and safe, that is why we project values of respect that motivate.

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We are Committed

We reflect in each project the quality of our team, which unifies their areas of knowledge with a common objective.

I am part of the Parrolabs development team more than a year ago, during this time I acquired a high level of experience in developing projects with React & React Native through agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. With which I have structured the Front-End of very robust projects and the Back-End with CMSs. I have constant communication with design teams and stakeholders.

Front-End Developer

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