The web, also known as the internet, is an amazing tool that many of us have had the opportunity to use. This great creation was invented by Timothy John Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, in the year 1989. The internet has had a huge impact on us worldwide, and has gained much popularity throughout the last decades. Today, the vast majority of us use the internet for many different purposes, such as communicating with others, learning, researching, shopping, entertainment, and much more.

The Internet has gone through many different changes which has allowed it to remain at the leading edge for more than 33 years. People use the web daily for many different things such as for research, to browse, and to learn new information. It is a utility many of us have been fortunate enough to have available to use to our advantage, and has allowed us to learn many new things. As a graphic designer, I can personally confirm that the web has allowed me to attain many new abilities, and has taught me many new things. It has allowed me to express my creativity, and many of us can obtain an income from our capabilities taught by using the web.

3D elements

Navigating the web has become much more accessible as time goes by, however, it was born like most of us, inexperienced. The internet was born many years before the first website was created, and as time goes by, we gain more knowledge of it, and it has become easier to use. Before, the internet seemed to be something only younger generations had knowledge of, now however, even older generations have been able to learn how to navigate the web. We could say that we already live in the future, but the web went through a long process before getting this far. Many progressions have been made, and between the years 1995 and the early 2000’s, we were introduced to the JavaScript language, Java, and also new mechanics such as animations and videos on the web.

In the beginning of the year 2000, we were also introduced to search engines such as Safari and Chrome, that allow the use of the web on portable devices such as cellphones and tablets. The calendar was also implemented, as well as the introduction of 3D design and tactile devices.

The internet continues to improve and evolve as time goes by. The social media platform known as Facebook, was the ultimate trending topic when first released. Afterwards, many other social media platforms were created such as Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Whatsapp, TikTok, and many more. Through the use of these social media platforms and apps, we have been able to stay connected to one another across the globe, and are able to stay informed and in touch with people thousands of miles away. The creation of the internet has changed our lives forever, and there is no going back. It is constantly changing and evolving, and we can only wait and see where it will take us in the future.

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