When applying for a job, there are many skills that are taken into account and into consideration, especially considering the position one is applying for. Confidence is a skill that may take time to develop and achieve, however, it is not impossible. Outside of the workplace, confidence is also very important and can come in handy in many other situations in life. Confidence can help you succeed in aspects of your life such as in love, in obtaining things you want, in relationships, and in your career. Many entrepreneurs have started empires because they had the confidence and believed in themselves. When trying to achieve something we want, we must trust that we are capable of reaching our goals. Although confidence is necessary, it is obviously not the only thing needed when it comes to reaching your goals, but it’s a great place to start. When one has a defined personality, it is less likely that people will undermine you. This is why it is important to know exactly what you want, and to voice your opinion when needed. Being unapologetically ourselves shows others we believe in ourselves, and demonstrates confidence. In addition, when we demonstrate to others that we lack confidence, this weakens your image of self worth and allows for others to make you feel less.


So how do we build and gain confidence, you may ask? Well first of all the work must be done by ourselves, we must recognize our strengths and learn how to be assertive. We must work on our mindsets, and have a growth mindset in which we aspire for improvement. People with a fixed mindset, who believe that their abilities are fixed from birth and that success is related to other factors, are less likely to believe that their own hard work can help them reach success. Learning to say no to others and to stop people pleasing is an important part of being confident as well. When we create boundaries, and do not let others walk all over us, you show others you are confident, in a tactical and polite manner of course. Your self image and self care also play a major role when it comes to being more confident. If you feel and look good, others will perceive that as well. Invest in your personal hygiene, your wardrobe, and make sure to look presentable. Exercise and personal groom can greatly contribute to making us feel better about ourselves. When trying to be confident, one must try to be careful of not coming off as arrogant, as there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.When someone is confident, they believe in themselves and know their abilities. On the other hand, someone who may come off as arrogant, is someone who believes their abilities and knowledge make them superior to others, and this is not the goal we are trying to achieve. 

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Moreover, building healthy relationships can significantly impact our confidence level. As humans, healthy relatioships with others can help our levels of happiness, and our confidence as well. Avoiding relationships that may be considered unhealthy is important, as they can be emotionally draining. Lastly, not being afraid of trying new things and challenging yourself is a great way to build confidence. By learning new skills, and overcoming fears such as going out to eat alone or going to the movies alone, you are showing yourself you are capable of overcoming a challenge, and can help you significantly. All of these skills, if practiced correctly, can help you gain confidence in life, and in your careers. Having confidence is a great skill to have that can guide you in many right directions, and can help you with your communication skills as well.