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My early experience was in companies that hire their developers for their own projects, and this was my first time in a company working as an outsourcing developer. Initially, I was afraid of what kind of customers we were going to work for, how I would handle the work schedule, and many other concerns I had from my previous positions.

Once I started working at Parrolabs, I got directly involved with the customer. As a senior developer it was a big upgrade to go into the action immediately; all the administrative tasks of being new in a company were already solved.

When you work for a company that allows you to handle your own schedule, it is quite challenging as you need to be very disciplined, however, this pushes you to have better habits.

Habits time developer working remotely

The project I am currently working on is for a company in California. The people there are very humane and kind, and they are culturally aware. They are sensitive to the fact that I have good English speaking skills, however I am not native, and they do not mind repeating or making their requirements more specific when we have meetings, that are typically on a daily basis.

I am very grateful to work for the customers we have at Parrolabs, as I have a purpose here and day by day I feel useful and allowed to do the job at my own pace. I am also given the opportunity to provide value and results to our customers, and have been able to learn new things, even with technology I have been using for more than 10 years. Working for this company has been a great experience and never fails to stop surprising me.