With 2022 coming to an end, many of us are looking forward to the new year and a fresh start. We are closing chapters and starting new beginnings while looking for ways to improve ourselves, hence the saying “New year, New Me.” Luckily, technology is a great aid in self-improvement and is something many of us already use on a daily basis. We can incorporate technology into many aspects of our lives in order to achieve new year goals such as fitness goals, financial goals, mindfulness goals, and many more. These goals are goals a grand majority of us set and strive to achieve when coming into a new year, however, studies have shown that not many of us actually achieve these goals once the year has come to an end. Why you may be asking? Well, because these goals aren’t specific, rather they are goals that can be considered far-reaching.

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If you are like the vast majority of the population, one of your New Years' resolution goals is perhaps to lose weight. First and foremost, this goal is more attainable if you set a specific goal weight you hope to achieve. For example, think of a specific number you’d like to reach, and then make your plan to execute it. Your weight goal number should be specific, and this will aid you much more in your weight loss journey. Once you have committed to a number, you can then look for apps that can help you achieve your goals. Think of a number of daily walking steps and aim to reach that number every day. Plan and cook more meals at home and plan how many meals you can eat out per week. Set limits with alcohol and cigarettes if you drink or smoke, such as only drinking and smoking on the weekends, and work towards those goals. Tons of devices can help you count your daily step count such as an apple or Xiaomi watch, and many apps available on the app store which allow access to influencers in the fitness industry with tons of workouts and food recipes, all from the convenience of your very own phone.

Moreover, now that we have stated that to reach our fitness goals we must be specific in creating these goals, financial goals are something that many of us also struggle with and strive for when thinking of our New Years’ Resolutions. First and foremost, we should define our financial goals before anything. Set measurable, clear goals, and specific time frames to help keep you on track. Write down your goals, such as “I want to save for my retirement plan,” and install a savings app on your phone that can help you plan how much you can save per month. Try to track how much you are spending, and use banking apps that can help you track your spending habits. These applications allow you to separate your spending habits into categories such as utilities, rent, groceries, grooming, and more. There are tons of apps and resources available to help guide you into the new year, and help you reach all those New Year Resolutions goals with technology.