Technology has facilitated many aspects of our daily lives and continues to do so through its daily advancements. Many apps have been made with the purpose of helping organize and structure our routines, plan ahead, and schedule our events. One of the best apps we have incorporated into our daily lives here at Parrolabs is ClickUp, an app that allows you to manage all your tasks in the most efficient way possible. With its To-Do list option, In Progress, and Completed, this app helps coordinate and arrange all your assignments in an organized manner. In addition, it has a calendar view, where you can see daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks. Clickup also helps break down tasks into detailed checklists, and goal checklists, that you can check off once completed. Collaborate with other team members and coworkers, where you can all see what tasks are designated to whom, and when they are due. Moreover, you can set reminders, set specific due dates, add thorough details and descriptions, attach files from the internet, and even work in offline mode when you don’t have access to the internet.

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Another great app that has facilitated working remotely here at Parrolabs is Slack, which allows businesses to work together as a unified team. This app is a game-changer if you are looking to communicate with your team in a fast and organized fashion, without the need to email or call one another. This app allows you to attach files, video call, and makes communication a breeze for everyone. It also gives you the option to have multiple group messages, so you can organize your team messages in an easy manner. For example, you can have one channel for your entire team and all of your coworkers, and you can have a separate channel with only a few of your colleagues. This is a great option to keep information and tasks organized.

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By opening up a Gmail account, you can have access to many amazing tools such as these. Not only are they free, but, they also come with other cool features such as your own customizable email, which allows you to incorporate your company name in the email, it also comes with data storage “in the cloud,” which means your documents are always available anywhere you can get online with a web browser. With Google Drive, you can easily store your files in a secure manner and you can edit them from any device using Google Drive. Google Drive can also protect your files from suspicious activity and against malware, making it a very efficient app to use, especially within your company. Like the other few apps previously mentioned, this app allows for teamwork and collaboration with all of your employees, colleagues, and even your customers. These apps have made working with one another in the workplace much easier, organized, and have helped facilitate collaboration within your team.