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Today I will show you these differences that I know will help you recognize if you are a boss or a leader. We understand that a leader directs and motivates a team of people regardless of their ideologies. On the other hand, some bosses impose authority irrespective of each person's circumstances.

A new generation has promoted positive development within a company focused on leadership to achieve results through collaborative work. Generally, a leader occupies a managerial position but does not impose himself within the work area but instead focuses on integrating himself to understand the needs and talents of each of the people who are part of the team to make the most of these resources.

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A leader is very characteristic of his emotional tools and professionalism in different circumstances, so he can constantly hold the reins of the team he represents. Some of its characteristics are self-knowledge, which allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, which helps the organization and delegate experience or ability, so leaders are oriented to group results. Leaders encourage their colleagues to continue to grow in professional or personal terms. Without leaving out, the leaders can value all the previously done work even if they do not have the expected result.

Generally, a boss assumes the authority conferred by his position as a resource to impose his criteria to intimidate his subordinates. However, it is no longer common in the hierarchies within the organization. Still, he believes that it is only possible to achieve results through inflexible methods and not consider the human aspect within the organization, so it can become frustrating in teams, which can be reflected in the company's labor productivity.

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The main characteristics of a boss are the abuse of authority and micromanagement that is far from generating positive results. Hence, bosses tend to lack empathy in searching for results-oriented individuality, so they often receive obedience from the fear one has of them. It is common to see many cases where bosses focus on positive results regardless of the process for the estimated goal. Bosses tend to lack empathy because of abuse of authority and micromanagement that is far from generating positive results. Bosses are focused on individuality-oriented results, receive obedience from fear, and usually, the bosses only want to see the results. These must always be positive regardless of the process that was carried out.