IT jobs are in high demand, and a good software development team is an excellent asset to any company.

Recruiters know that high-demand jobs often imply high salaries especially when the positions require specific qualified expertise, but what to do when you want to hire the best and keep a cost-effective approach to hiring?

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Let’s explore the main reasons why hiring in LATAM can be the next best step for your company.

  1. Fewer operational costs: LATAM is known for having a lower cost of living than the one in the USA, in addition to this in most cases the US dollar is stronger than local currencies. You can save between 38% and 48% when nearshoring in LATAM.
  2. Traditional issues encountered when offshoring like time differences, and drastic cultural and language barriers can be avoided altogether. On the other hand, LATAM shares many cultural similarities with the US, English is considered the main choice for a second language. Reducing cultural differences in your team can also improve user-facing components as they will be best contextualized to the preferences of your social target.
  3. Universities in LATAM offer fantastic IT curriculums, you can work with highly trained personnel, and receive high-quality results at rates that are much lower than programmers with the same skills in America. This will broaden the horizons of your company; you’ll find candidates with different styles for coding which can improve your company’s innovation efforts
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Although hiring in LATAM is definitely beneficial for your company, it does come with some risks, so make sure to work with a company that will help you liaison with your intended markets.