Many companies at the beginning of the pandemic in 2019 thought that this would be temporary. Now, after almost two years, we are still in crisis, but this time it is about employees who don’t want to go back to the office. But most managers don’t know how to keep motivating a team to have success in every goal of their company.

Manage remote team tips

1. The key to success is communication.

While you are working online, communication is likely to be affected, but today, the different tools that we can access help us to strengthen and continue to advance. For example, one of the many tools we use in ParroLabs is Slack. We can create a channel to always make sure to have effective communication or activities that allow great communication with employees, even in their team.

success is communication

The key to success in communication is to advance what you expect from your team by making all the important discussions and decisions and giving them the freedom to get everything done. Also, we can never forget constant group meetings, and we understand some employees are focused on their work. That is why we have to make sure that we announce and schedule at a time that works for most people.

2. Expectations: Delegate responsibilities

Through communication processes and meetings, it is important to delegate the functions and expectations that are had individually and in teams. During the job induction, it is important to be clear about the position to be occupied and the functions they need to follow themselves.

delegate responsabilities

Use apps that can help you manage the extra time that your employees are working and remind them that it is important not to access their time at work or without working. As a leader, we cannot control everything, even if the employees are in the offices or remote, but the results show the hard work they have done.

3. OnBoarding

Good onboarding can make a difference in your team. A lot of companies send an e-mail with the company information and what they expect from the employee at the end of the onboarding process. But there are other companies that help the employees understand everything related to the company and also the responsibilities, giving them an update about all the tasks that their teamwork is focused on and how important they are to the company.

4. Motivating your team

Doing activities that all your employees can be involved in is a great idea to work on the abilities they have to work in a group and strengthen different areas that can help the company grow. Also, show gratitude and free work in their style and focus on the end goals.

Motivating your team

Today, most employees are working remotely, so we can use activities that can make a connection on a more personal level because it is easier to talk to colleagues when they have things in common. In this case, we can use tools that make any activity easy, like creating a Slack channel to share stories, music, books, or making a party on Netflix to share a great movie. Also, it is always important to remember to celebrate the success of the company with your employees.