To direct a route to breakthrough in today's digital world usually becomes an automated system where selling contains the purpose of existing as a Start-up. But it couldn't be further from what it matters for a brand that offers a product or service.

From a marketing perspective, selling is not the most important thing, or at least not in the short term; To marketing, transmitting a message goes beyond expressing a single point or a perspective, it involves a series of tools that together guarantee the brand love in the market, generated through stimuli that are structured with a quantified list of short and long-term strategies executed under a specific line and with a single purpose.


The public

visual identity

This first step it's the main one because it's the one that helps to determine the psychographic and demographic part of the target audience, seekins precision when creating and directing this message. That's when you should ask some key questions, such as:

  • What brands does your target market consume?
  • What are the age, gender, and financial capacity?
  • What solution to what problem is your target audience looking for?
target branding start up

Brand strategy

12 base items are established once you make a brand strategy, but how does it start? We will only talk about the 3 main items whose implementation defines the success of a company. Of course, each start-up must have a prior study to define which of these items are necessary, but initially, we could establish the following:

  1. Brand identity: define the color, the typeface, and the logo
  2. Heart of the brand: define the purpose of the brand and the values ​​that characterize it.
  3. Consumer experience through the brand message: unifying the audiovisual language that you want to express hand in hand with a unique and unrepeatable experience for the client that works in the sense of the brand

Be specific

Define the why of your brand, what's its function and question everything. Is this process necessary for your clients? Yes, why? It contains all the causes that can influence it, positively, so it manages to find a space in the consumer's day-to-day life and ask yourself:

  • What does it represent as a brand?
  • What is the solution that will bring to your client?
solve problems

Main Obstacles

Building a Start-up, there are many variables of course; but if the ideas are organized with a clear objective, you can reach your goal:

  1. Not having an established branding
  2. Not investing time in research to get to know your buyer persona thoroughly
  3. Not knowing who the brand is and what it represents
  4. Know who the brand is, but not have a visual identity that accompanies it
  5. Not being clear about the size of the start-up