This quarantine has got us all analyzing what’s the best way of wisely spending our time at home and making the best of it; But are we really spending our time in a healthy and productive way?

For those living with their partners, are you really using this time to bond, to help, to serve as a companion, to show appreciation and love? Or is self-isolating in your own personal interests, a valid excuse to run away from the responsibilities and the lifestyle you chose?

We are currently facing another little issue that not many people knew we had: We actually don’t know how to be present, we don’t know how to show appreciation and we definitely don’t have patience do deal with anyone’s emotions, people are filing for divorce over having to actually spend time with their partners, madness!!. Intimacy isn’t just about sex and romance; Intimacy is about sharing, about supporting each other, getting to know each other, trusting each other.

I agree technology makes it easier to stay connected to the world but is it really that important to check our phones compulsively from the moment we open our eyes until you can’t keep them open any longer? Are you actually spending time with your families without the distracting sound of incoming messages? Always wanting to be connected, but making, those physically close to you feel lonely in your presence because of the constant necessity of being tuned to your online conversation...? That... feels a little bit off to me! If the idea is to stay connected, why ignore those who are there for you to talk to?

Is technology ruining our capability as humans to interact with each other, as social beings, do we really feel more comfortable with virtual contact than with handshakes and hugs? Are we being trained to lose our essence, our empathy, and are we finally becoming robots? Have we resisted our nature for so long already that we can no longer relate to feelings? I say, fuck you all, fuck your phones and fuck your shallow minds that don’t even let you live in the! Because that’s all we have! Being present, being here and now!
What are your thoughts?!