We go from Buzzword to Buzzword. Do you remember Big Data? Seems like the Big Data buzzword is so 2015. How about a Data-warehouse ? Well we go back easily like 10-years when that was a real Buzzword. When you bring the Buzzword Mainframe in the picture, your conversation will likely still resonate some good old times in the local elderly care home.

Many of today’s Buzzwords are old in a matter of years. So, that was the reason for us to look critically at several buzzwords that are likely not going to survive 2019 and will be located in our archived memory very shortly


The word is most likely invented as a result of a liberal drug policy, as the first thing you need for a server-less environment is a Server. The absurdity of the word does not become clear until we are digging into it further. What the word actually means is that you no longer have to worry about your server, RAM, CPU and Hard-disk space are taken care of automatically. Just like Dropbox was a leap in taking care of hard-drive space, server-less brings this experience to the Server. So instead of Serverless, it should be called Worry Free Server Space…maybe not the best marketing. Yet , the word Serverless will dissapear, we are convinced.


So with the fall of Bitcoin from $19.000 as an all-time high in December to around 1/3rd of that price at the current moment, we are also seeing less interest in Blockchain. Yes, there is significant promise for the technology and at Parrolabs, we have noticed an spike in interest in the new technology, yet we feel the technology Buzzword will fade in 2019

Microservices / Microservice Architecture

Well, this might be the buzzword that might stick around for a little bit longer. Microservices have been around for a long time. However, they have been rebranded as Microservices more recently. You can think about a Microservice as a function doing a specific thing.

So, then Microservices suddenly were microservices. We will keep this one as that

Actionable Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics need to rebrand themselves every 3-5 years, in order to amp its image. Where Actionable Analytics was very popular, we think that the industry is ready for a new word. How about Flash Analytics?…or? We are ready for something new!

Dark Data

This seems to be the most mysterious one, but dark data refers to the fact that over the last 10 years or so, data has exploded in terms of size and that many companies are struggling to keep track of that data.

This can lead to some security issues. Imagine, one of your employees keeping his data on a USB drive that happens to get lost. With the explosion of data (think Photo’s, Video’s, documents, emails) in the last 15 years or so, there is also the challenge of keeping track of that data.

Now the dark data part of that is the data that is not being indexed or being used. We feel that this terminology is not going to survive 2019.