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Offering high-quality candidates, Parrolabs has dedicated and skilled developers who produce superior deliverables. The developers are professional and communicate effectively to ensure a productive engagement. Also, the involvement of leadership supports relationships between the stakeholders. -- Clutch

In the last 3 years, we've been able to grow tremendously and we aspire to be the second largest Digital Agency in Latin America in the next 5 years. When you hire us, we bring you quality Developers, Technologists, Designers and Badass Virtual Assistants. To staff up your business with these skills locally will cost you $50.000 - $200.000 per FTE in salaries and overhead costs. Many of our Clients reported that they were unable to get the skills they needed. Parrolabs is able to fill that void with its Nearshore Solution

Tech Background To Full Category Nearshore

Parrolabs started as a typical basement startup. Dedicated to Software development, the company soon realised the potential of the Latin American Market for High Volume Outsourcing to primarily North America and Europe. At the moment it is offering a range of services.


Remote working brings with it certain challenges. Where in a local team you can chat in the coffee corner, in a remote setting this is not as easy. At Parrolabs, we understand the issue and that's why we always recommend including a project manager into your Project. We also are very much agile and use Scrum as the basis for virtually all of our projects. Our Dedication to our clients means that we give them direct access to the board so that the distance between our development center and your office is easily bridged.

Project Manager to communicate directly with you.

We use modern communication models.

You get access to your Scrum Board, so you are in Sync.

Documents are maintained and shared in Google Drive.


We are 100% focused on using Agile / Scrum and bring that project methodology throughout our projects and deliveries.


Scrum Master

Direct Access to Reports and the Board


We take care of your project from the beginning until the end. Using Agile / Scrum Methodology we bring you flexibility in invoicing as well as in approach.

Agile Scrum Project Method

Different skillsets working together

Projects Range from Web Development to High Volume Creative

Our Projects

Parrolabs has been growing immensely in the last 5 years. Where its origins can be best described as a typical basement startup focussed on remote Web Development. Now, it is a full-service nearshore digital agency providing a range of services including web development, mobile development, social media management, contact center and High Volume Creative. For an overview of some of our past projects, please have a look at our Reel.

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